New Creek Wind Project, WV

  • Developed and sold.  Construction to Commence.
  • 98MW
  • Up to 49 wind turbines
  • Approximately 258,000 tons of offset CO2 each year
  • Approximately 5,000 acres in project area

The New Creek project is a proposed 98 MW wind farm located in Grant County, West Virginia. The project will be located on along a ridgeline used as recreational land and could include up to 49 turbines when completed. The project’s point of interconnection is located onsite.  Current plans will utilize a turbine at 78 meter (256 feet) hub height and will include a single project access road and underground collection located on top of the ridgeline.

By accessing and siting the turbines along a single operations and construction road, permanent ground disturbance has been minimized and all impacts to wetlands and streams have been avoided.

A project specific Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy will be implemented to avoid and minimize impacts to avian and bat species during project construction and operation

Project Maps