Mustang Hills Wind Farm, Tehachapi, CA

  • Tehachapi, CA
  • 150 MW
  • 50 turbines
  • Acquired 2012
  • Approximately 149,000 tons of offset CO2 every year
  • 4,644 acres in project area

Mustang Hills Wind Farm is located near Tehachapi, California and was acquired from Terra-Gen Operating CO, LLC in 2012. It is EverPower’s first operating asset in California.

The project uses 50 V90-3.0 MW Vestas-American turbines. In total, Mustang Hills generates enough electricity to power approximately 36,000 homes annually. The electricity produced is sold to Southern California Edison (SCE) and interconnects to SCE’s Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project.

Economic Benefits

  • Approximately $2 million in local goods and services for operation and maintenance over the life of the project
  • 11 full-time operation and maintenance positions

Environmental Benefits

  • EverPower has provided $1.6 million in funds to help place a permanent conservation easement over 560 acres of high-quality desert tortoise habitat. The funds also provide for long-term management of the habitat.

Project Maps

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