Greenfield Projects, ME

Maine, a state with tremendous wind resource, currently only contains 440 MW of installed wind capacity – less than 4% of the state’s wind energy potential of 11,000 MW according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In 2012, EverPower took notice of Maine’s untapped wind capacity and began actively working to help the state achieve its full potential for clean energy. To date, EverPower has initiated the development of four Greenfield wind projects with a combined potential output of 500MW – enough energy to power approximately 175,000 Maine homes. Through the development of the four Greenfield projects, EverPower will harness a large portion Maine’s potential for clean energy and also provide the area with numerous economic and environmental benefits.

EverPower’s development strategy centers on an unyielding pledge to partner with the towns and communities in which we work and operate. We have heavily relied on this principle when entering the Maine market.  In order to ensure the preservation of Maine’s natural beauty, EverPower has paid close attention to the state’s scenic and wildlife resources throughout the selection and design process for project sites.

In order to successfully identify ideal wind project locations, wind developers must carry out a detailed process. EverPower’s process for selecting potential wind project sites in the state of Maine began with an analytical look at the list of Maine’s scenic resources as published by Maine Land Use Planning Commission and Maine Department of Environmental Projection in the Maine Rivers Study, Maine Lakes Study, and Maine’s Finest Lakes. In order for a site to be considered in the selection process, the site must be in a location where all natural resources within eight miles of the project area will be minimally affected by the wind project and its construction.  Once we analyzed locations under this criterion, our process continued with a look at all sensitive wildlife in the area to ensure the project area would pose minimal risks to the natural beauty of the state.

EverPower uses the best-in-class methodology when performing all studies necessary to meet the local, state and federal permits. While working on our projects in Maine, we will continue to uphold this commitment to high-quality practices and will ensure that any impacts from these projects are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.

After completion, these EverPower wind projects will bring numerous financial benefits to the local towns and rural areas of Maine that house the wind farms. These benefits include jobs, local tax revenue, and local community benefit payments.  In addition, the wind projects will provide local schools and municipalities with yearly financial benefits over the life of the project. Also, as part of EverPower’s commitment to maximizing the economic  advantages of the wind projects for the local community, EverPower aims to source as much of the labor and materials for the project’s construction and operation from the local area as possible.

According to Maine’s Public Utility Commission, installing 3,000 MW of wind energy in Maine by 2020 would bring $4-5 billion dollars in economic investment to the state, creating several thousand construction jobs, over 1,000 long-term jobs, more than $25 million/year property tax payments, and over $6 million/year direct payments to local landowners.