EverPower in the Community

EverPower strives to create and maintain personal connections with the communities that are local to our wind projects.

We are always involved in sponsoring community events in order to show our support and investment in the interest of the people within our project areas. We have sponsored Howard Community Days in Steuben County, NY as well as Patton Community Days in Cambria County, PA, in which we gave tours of the local wind farms to community residents. The events were incredibly popular and allowed the people of the community to familiarize themselves with our projects and our initiative.

Being headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, our team at EverPower frequently participates in local events and supports the area’s organizations that are making strides towards sustainability. In addition, we host the EverPower Earth Day Festival, a free public event in the hub of Downtown Pittsburgh, to raise environmental awareness amongst the community.

We have also been prevalent in community affairs within Champaign and Hardin Counties, OH and over the last few years we have participated in Chamber of Commerce events, county fairs, civic organization meetings and picnic events.

In addition, we enjoy participating in environmentally focused events such as the Frick Park Clean-Up in Pittsburgh, PA and sponsoring youth sports, including the Cassadaga Valley Central School Midget football team in Chautauqua County, NY, the Forest Hills Wind Bowl in Cambria County, PA, and local baseball and soccer teams in Cambria County, PA as well as Champaign and Hardin Counties, OH.

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