Baron Winds Project, Steuben County, NY

  • Up to 300 MW
  • Up to 76 wind turbines
  • Approximately 320,000 tons of offset CO2 each year

The Baron Winds project is a proposed 300 MW wind farm located in the Towns of Cohocton, Dansville, Fremont, and Wayland in Steuben County, NY. The project will be located on primarily farmland and recreational land and could include up to 76 turbines when completed. The project’s point of interconnection is expected to be in the existing Canandaigua  substation in the Town of Cohocton. Current plans will utilize a turbine at 100 meter (330 feet) hub height and will include a series of project roads and overhead and underground collection and transmission lines throughout the project area.

The project will be subject to the New York State Article 10 Siting Process and will also be required to obtain other state, local and federal permits prior to construction and operation. If built the project would result in an estimated 320,000 tons of CO2 emission reductions, and will span up to 40,000 acres.

Power projects in NY are now permitting using the Article X Process.  Information on the Process can be found by clicking the links below.  Please check this site often for updates on the progress of the Baron Winds Wind Project.


For additional information and questions contact Mike Berlin


Local Document Repositories:

  • Cohocton Public Library; 8 Maple Ave., Cohocton, NY 14826 (585-384-5170)
  • Hornell Public Library; 64 Genesee St., Hornell, NY 14843 (607-324-1210)
  • Howard Public Library; 3607 County Route 70A, Hornell, NY 14843

Baron Winds Open House

Application Table of Contents

Project Appendices

Appendix A_Certificate of Formation

Appendix B_Master List of Stakeholders

Appendix C_Meeting Log

Appendix D_Proposed Certificate Conditions

Appendix E_NYSDAM Guidelines for Wind Power Projects

Appendix H_Collection Line Details

Appendix I_Preliminary O&M Plan

Appendix J_Substation Details

Appendix K_Turbine Brochure Material

Appendix M_1 Preliminary Design Drawings Cover Notes

Appendix M_2 Preliminary Design Drawings Area 1

Appendix M_3 Preliminary Design Drawings Area 2

Appendix M_4 Preliminary Design Drawings Area 3

Appendix M_5 Preliminary Design Drawings Area 4

Appendix M_6 Preliminary Design Drawings Area 5

Appendix M_7 Preliminary Design Drawings Area 6

Appendix M_8 Preliminary Design Drawings Details

Appendix N_O&M Building Typical Details

Appendix O_Concrete Batch Plant General Information

Appendix P_Chapter 13 from FAA Advisory Circular

Appendix S_Preliminary QA-QC Plan

Appendix T_Complaint Resolution Plan

Appendix U_1 Shadow Flicker Report

Appendix U_2 Shadow Flicker Report Figures

Appendix U_3 Shadow Flicker Report Attachments

Appendix V_Preliminary Health and Safety Plan

Appendix W_Preliminary Emergency Action Plan

Appendix X_Preliminary Site Security Plan

Appendix Y_Preliminary FAA Determinations

Appendix Z_1 Pre-Construction Noise Impact Assessment

Appendix Z_2 Pre-Construction Noise Impact Assessment Appendices A-H

Appendix AA_Sound Monitoring and Compliance Protocol

Appendix BB_1 Historical Architectural Resources Survey and Figures

Appendix BB_2 Historic Architectural Resources Survey Appendices

Appendix CC_1 Phase 1B Archaeological Survey

Appendix CC_2 Phase 1B Archaeological Survey Figures

Appendix CC_3 Phase 1B Archaeological Survey Appendices

Appendix DD_Unanticipated Discovery Plan

Appendix EE_Phase 1A Historic Architectural Survey and Work Plan

Appendix FF_Phase 1A Archaeological Survey and Phase 1B Work Plan

Appendix GG_1 Historic Resources Visual Effects Analysis Report and Figures

Appendix GG_2 Historic Resources Visual Effects Analysis Appendices

Appendix HH_Preliminary Cultural Resources Mitigation Plan

Appendix II_Preliminary SWPPP

Appendix JJ_Draft Inadvertent Return Plan

Appendix KK_Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment

Appendix LL_Plant Inventory

Appendix LL_Wildlife Inventory

Appendix MM_Invasive Species Survey Baseline Report

Appendix NN_Work Plan for Pre-Construction Avian and Bat Surveys

Appendix OO_Bird and Bat Survey Report

Appendix TT_Habitat Assessment

Appendix UU_Analysis of Potential Habitat Fragmentation Impacts

Appendix VV_Threatened and Endangered Species Database Info

Appendix WW_Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy Outline

Appendix BBB_1 Wetland Delineation Report

Appendix BBB_2 Wetland Delineation Report Appendix A

Appendix BBB_3 Wetland Delineation Report Appendix B

Appendix BBB_4 Wetland Delineation Report Appendix C

Appendix BBB_5 Wetland Delineation Report Appendix D

Appendix BBB_6 Wetland Delineation Report Appendix E

Appendix CCC_1 Wetland Impact Drawings Cover Notes

Appendix CCC_2 Wetland Impact Drawings Area 1

Appendix CCC_3 Wetland Impact Drawings Area 2

Appendix CCC_4 Wetland Impact Drawings Area 3

Appendix CCC_5 Wetland Impact Drawings Area 4

Appendix CCC_6 Wetland Impact Drawings Area 5

Appendix DDD_1 Water Well Data

Appendix DDD_2 Water Well Data Private Well Results

Appendix DDD_3 Water Well Data DEC Well Results

Appendix EEE_Existing Access Examples

Appendix FFF_Preliminary SPCC

Appendix GGG_1 VIA Appendix A

Appendix GGG_2 VIA Appendix A

Appendix GGG_3 VIA Appendix B

Appendix GGG_4 VIA Appendix C

Appendix GGG_5 VIA Appendix D

Appendix GGG_6 VIA Appendix E

Appendix GGG_7 VIA Appendix F

Appendix HHH_Transportation Effect and Route Evaluation Study

Appendix III_Draft Road Use Agreement

Appendix JJJ_NTIA Correspondence

Appendix KKK_AM and FM Radio Report

Appendix LLL_Off-Air TV Analysis

Appendix MMM_Land Mobile and Emergency Services Report

Appendix NNN_Microwave Study

Appendix OOO_Mobile Phone Carrier Report

Appendix PPP_Communication Tower Study

Appendix SSS_1 Copies of Local Laws of Cohocton

Appendix SSS_2 Copies of Local Laws of Dansville

Appendix SSS_3 Copies of Local Laws of Fremont

Appendix SSS_4 Copies of Local Laws of Wayland

Appendix TTT_ Electric and Magnetic Field Study

Project Exhibits

Exhibit 1_Final

Exhibit 2_Final

Exhibit 2_Regional Facility Location

Exhibit 2_Facility Layout

Exhibit 3_Final

Exhibit 3_Proposed Major Electric Generating Facility Locations

Exhibit 3_Point of Interconnect and Collection Substation

Exhibit 3_Municipal Boundaries and Temporary Road Improvements

Exhibit 4_Final

Exhibit 4_Existing Land Use

Exhibit 4_Land Use Programs

Exhibit 4_Transmission Facilities

Exhibit 4_Tax Parcels

Exhibit 4_Zoning Districts

Exhibit 4_ Proposed Land Use

Exhibit 4_Specially Designated Areas

Exhibit 4_Recreational Areas and Other Sensitive Land Uses

Exhibit 4_Aerial Photo Overlays

Exhibit 5_Final

Exhibit 7_Final

Exhibit 9_Final

Exhibit 10_Final

Exhibit 11_Final

Exhibit 11_Wind Setbacks

Exhibit 12_Final

Exhibit 13_Final

Exhibit 13_Real Property Map of Generating Site

Exhibit 13_Real Property Map of Interconnection Facilities

Exhibit 14_Final

Exhibit 16_Final

Exhibit 18_Final

Exhibit 19_Final

Exhibit 19_Sensitive Sound Receptors

Exhibit 20_Final

Exhibit 21_Final

Exhibit 21_Slope

Exhibit 21_Bedrock

Exhibit 21_Soil Types

Exhibit 23_Final

Exhibit 23_Depth to BedRock and High Water Table

Exhibit 23_Groundwater Aquifers and Recharge Areas

Exhibit 23_Surface Waters

Exhibit 23_HDD Locations

Exhibit 24_Final

Exhibit 25_Final

Exhibit 25_Emergency Responder Routes

Exhibit 25_Temporary Public Road Improvements

Exhibit 26_Final

Exhibit 26_Communication System Constraints

Exhibit 28_Final

Exhibit 28_Potential Environmental Justice Areas

Exhibit 29_Final

Exhibit 30_Final

Exhibit 31_Final

Exhibit 32_Final

Exhibit 34_Final

Exhibit 35_Final

Exhibit 36_Final

Exhibit 37_Final

Exhibit 38_Final

Exhibit 39_Final

Exhibit 40_Final

Exhibit 41_Final

UPS Confirmation

171129 Filing Letter with Attachments

Project Maps


For important updates and information visit the Baron Winds Project Facebook page.

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