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Hundreds rally to show why wind works for America

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON THEHILL.COM This week, hundreds of Americans from across the country are coming to Washington, D.C. for one reason: they want to make sure their elected officials know wind energy is making life better for their families and communities. They want to say loud and clear: Wind works for America. And there are […]

Total Domination: Renewables Account For Majority Of New U.S. Capacity (Again)

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON: NAWINDPOWER.COM Renewable energy dominated new U.S. electrical generation put into service during 2016, according to nonprofit SUN DAY Campaign. Citing stats from the latest issue of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) monthly “Energy Infrastructure Update” report, SUN DAY says newly installed capacity from renewable sources (biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind) […]

Wind power is beating the pants off of other renewables.

PUBLISHED BY: GRIST.COM The industry is growing so fast it could become the largest source of renewable energy on both sides of the Atlantic. In America, wind power won the top spot for installed generating capacity (putting it ahead of hydroelectric power), according to a new industry report. And in the E.U., wind capacity grew […]

Wind is a Mainstream Energy Source in Corporate America

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON: SMARTBRIEF.COM Wind has become the go-to energy source for many of America’s Fortune 500 companies, including Facebook, Google and General Motors, writes American Wind Energy Association Senior Analyst Hannah Hunt. “From Facebook data centers to Tide laundry detergent, America’s favorite brands increasingly have one thing in common: a pledge to transition to […]

Renewables are Too Strong to be Ignored, says Panel

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON: SMARTBRIEF.COM Renewables and clean energy are taking off around the world and have too much momentum to be interrupted by any potentially negative actions by the Trump administration, according to experts at a roundtable hosted by The Guardian. The Carbon Trust’s investment director, Gina Hall, said she expects the talk about reviving coal […]

Rural America Keeps Farming the Wind

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON: AWEABLOG.ORG We recently reported on the ways wind power has become an economic powerhouse for rural America, leading some observers to call wind “the new corn.” “One turbine has changed my life,” Ed Woolsey, a fifth-generation Iowa farmer told Bloomberg Government. “Before, I raised corn and soybeans and cattle. Now I don’t. […]

U.S. wind jobs continue booming, top 100,000

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON: AWEABLOG.ORG he Department of Energy released a new report today highlighting the booming nature of renewable energy jobs—wind power positions now top 100,000. More Americans now work in wind than in nuclear, coal, natural gas or hydroelectric power plants. These jobs span all 50 states, and tens of thousands are at the […]

The Truth About Wind Power

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON: AWEABLOG.ORG  Wind energy is rapidly expanding our energy mix, affordably and reliably strengthening U.S. energy independence. American ingenuity and improved domestic manufacturing have helped reduce wind power’s costs by 66 percent over years, while technological improvements have made wind economical in more parts of the country. This means wind energy makes financial […]

Businesses And States Are United On Clean Energy

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON:  FORBES.COM ARTICLE WRITTEN BY:  MIND LUBBER You may not know it from the headlines, but Washington is not the only energy game that matters these days. Companies that buy massive amounts of energy and states that set the policies that shape the energy mix of their economies – whether with clean energy […]

DOE Releases Second Annual National Energy Employment Analysis

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON:  ENERGY.GOV WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Energy today released the agency’s second annual analysis of how changes in America’s energy profile are affecting national employment in key sectors of the economy. By administering a new supplemental survey to over 30,000 energy sector employers, the Department’s 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report […]