patton Wind Project, NY
The Patton project is located in the Elder, West Carroll and East Carroll townships of Pennsylvania, across approximately 2,100 acres of agricultural land. The project uses 15 Gamesa wind turbines, each with a nameplate rating of 2.0 MW with several components manufactured in Pennsylvania. In total, the Patton Wind Farm generates enough electricity to power approximately 7,000 homes annually. The project became operational at the end of 2012.

Economic Benefits of the Patton Wind Farm
• Over $2 million in payments to state, local townships, and school districts over the life of the project
• Approximately $2.3 million in local goods and services for operation and maintenance over the life of the project
• Four full-time employees for operation and maintenance

Environmental Benefits of the Patton Wind Farm
• EverPower minimized stream and wetland impacts such that all wetlands were avoided and only one stream needed to be crossed. EverPower also worked with the local conservation district to reduce disturbances and impacts to farmers.

The project will offset:
• Approximately 50,000 tons of offset CO2 each year
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